Newsletter July 2020

Welcome to the first newsletter sent by OUTDOC project. First, we would like to present to you our goals and aims. You can also find an overview of current project activities and links to our website and social media pages. Thank you for subscribing!

About OUTDOC project

The OUTDOC project was created to improve the employability issues of young doctoral students. Employers often believe that they lack soft skills, which are in high demand in these industries. Thus, we have created an online soft skills course for doctoral students working in emerging areas.

Current activities

Our soft skills course will consist of:

  • 10-week online program
  • weekly streaming sessions with experts
  • mentoring with employers
  • coaching with experts
  • visiting companies
  • mobility in partner companies

A study conducted among European employers from emerging areas has shown that doctoral students need to improve many soft skills. With that intention, we prepared module on training self-motivation and initiative, work organization, responsibility, flexibility and adaptability, oral and written communication, creativity, teamwork, conflict resolution, and professional ethics.

Applications to this soft skills course will soon open. Follow us on social media to be notified (links below).

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