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BRANDWEB DESIGN is a local SME located in Iași, which serves both the local and regional market. Having as main activity the development of custom-made software, the company provides services for analysing, projecting and developing IT solutions for small and medium enterprises.

Brandweb Design is activating in the area of IT and Marketing. The main activities of the company are part of the IT & Communications sector, being also part of the creative industry movement in our region. The research carried by the company is mainly focused on software development and testing. In the last year, the company introduced the eye-tracking system for testing the usability for web and mobile apps in order to develop custom made web-based software and web pages, e-commerce platforms and special web apps. As a second activity, the company also provides digital marketing services, in order to promote on the market the software apps that were developed for its customers.

The company’s mission is to support its customers in launching successful software products and integrating digital marketing strategies in the overall strategy. Complex apps, web pages and online stores are developed through quality-written code and then promoted by company’s 12 specialists in IT and marketing.

When it comes to the factors leading to the company’s success, the most important one is its experience in entrepreneurship. Then, there is the academic environment in which the company has evolved, creating well-prepared graduates in the IT&C industry every year. In the software services and digital marketing, human resources are a differentiating factor. Moreover, working in a dynamic environment, the technologies being used are the newest and the best performing ones. As utility is strictly connected to the idea of software product, the company strives to focus mostly on usability.

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