Univerza v Mariboru


The University of Maribor (UM) is the second largest Slovenian public university with more than 20.000 students and around 1.000 of academic staff. UM is carrying out study Programs at all levels, undergraduate, postgraduate, and the PhD level. Internationalization plays an important role and UM has been awarded in the year 2016 for Erasmus Individual Mobility by Slovenian national agency. UM encourages student and staff mobility and active participation in international associations, networks and projects. The university staff and students are involved in many national and international research and applicative projects, working on basic research and applications for industry and knowledge exchange with the society in general. UM promotes sustainability in development and lifelong learning and e-learning.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science serves as a central coordinating and consulting body for the University level efforts in the field of Signal processing, Electro-Mechanical systems, Mobile Computing, E-Learning, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Automatics, Robotics, Remote Engineering, Information and Communication Educational Technology, Physics and recently Augmented Reality and Media Communication.

The team at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science has a more than 15 years’ experience in accessibility of e-learning and in e-learning development. They have already been involved in more than 15 EU projects and more than 20 national projects related to e-learning.  Some of the project has been awarded by several EU and national. The team has also expertise in e-learning platforms, research on users’ experiences and behaviors, as well as in providing assistive technology to students with disabilities.

Prof. dr. Matjaž Debevc is also member of the Expert Group on the Accessibility for World Federation of the Deaf and he is a holder of European awards and recognition for his contribution to the deaf society.


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