ITQ is an independent service company with more than 20 years of experience on the field of software and systems engineering, as well as education. ITQ has been a pioneer and forerunner of the 4th Industrial revolution, in which software has become ubiquitous and technologically extremely multifaceted. Thanks to ITQ’s expanded experience on the field, deep technological knowledge as well as its innovative approach, ITQ has provided its customers with reliable solutions that take into consideration the specific types of challenges that mechanics, electronics and software pose.

ITQ is composed of almost 100 workers, most of which are Engineers with strong technical background, who work in collaboration with very different companies and projects, that almost every time require a deep knowledge of interdisciplinary state-of-the-art techniques and technologies

Education plays an important role in ITQ, both internally and externally. ITQ has been teaching people from its very beginning, focusing on lifelong-learning as a fundamental to master current technologies and keep relevant within a fast-changing world.

ITQ performs currently regular courses and Makeathons in which people from all ages and different backgrounds work together and collaborate to accomplish the same goal. With projects like “Technikmachtspaß” (Technology is fun) or “Hussein and friends”, ITQ pretends to bring technology closer to people from young ages, meanwhile promoting integration and international cooperation. ITQ actively seek out universities, academies, and schools to make sure on-site that the next generation embraces technology and recognizes technological and social correlations early.

At the same time, ITQ shares its knowledge in lectures, team term papers, and seminars at national academies such as the Technische Universität München (TUM), the Hochschulen Rosenheim, Landshut, Esslingen und Universität Duisburg, as well as international universities in Austria, Spain, and Italy. In the summer semester 2016, Dr. Stetter held the “Practical Training for Mechatronic Development Processes and Project Management” and the lecture “Mechatronic Development Projects in Practice” at the TUM IWB institute.

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