Work Package 3 - Profiles and learning materials

These are the definitions of the professional competences most highly in demand by European companies in emerging sectors for doctors. These competences are the outcome of the research study conducted during the first phase of the OUTDOC project.

This guide sets out the working methodology followed for designing the learning contents for the online training course of the OUTDOC project, as well as a description of the main objectives sought by teaching this competency-based training course.

It also includes a description of the student profile and brief notes on the evaluation and monitoring possibilities for tutoring programme participants.

Work Package 2 Research Report

This report presents the survey results. It briefly presents the project aims, methodology of research, data analysis and results. An additional chapter covers competencies analysis which includes proposed list of skills that should be trained in WP3. The findings of the survey are lastly presented in the final chapter.


This is the survey, translated into different languages, that is being used in research (WP2). With this questionnaire we intend to know, mainly, the competences most demanded by companies in emerging sectors for doctors:

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