How to make an outstanding CV with Europass

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How to make an outstanding CV with Europass

Europass is an easy to use online tool for preparing the CV that is often recommended by career counsellors. It was created by the European Commission and Cedefop (note 1) with the common goal to remove obstacles to mobility due to a lack of transparency of vocational qualifications.

The Europass tool consists of several documents (Diploma Supplement, Language Passport and Europass Mobility).

  • The diploma supplement is a document issued by higher education institutions. It describes the knowledge and skills that graduates have. Diploma supplement does not substitute the original diploma.
  • Language Passport is a document for recording language learning achievements.
  • Europass Mobility is a document that records knowledge and skills acquired in another European country. It can be used for work placements, academic exchange programmes or voluntary work.

In December 2012 creators launched a new CV template and online editor that is easy to use and offers a preview of documents. Along with the Europass CV, the European Skills Passport should be used to reinforce the listed skills and qualifications.

Europass CV tool makes it easy to create and update existing Europass PDF files.

Integrated video

Below is a sample CV that was done with the Europass tool:

The full CV can be accessed at

To create your CV in the Europass tool, go to:


Note 1: European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training

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