Why should you hire a PhD student in your company?

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Why should you hire a PhD student in your company?

Many companies are reluctant to hire PhD students. Why? Some of the reasons are: they lack work experience, expect a high salary, the job requires multidisciplinary skills rather than specialized ones, or simply because their professional skills do not match the company’s profile. 

Failing to recognize the advantages of employing PhD students is a big loss for companies. Continue to read this article in order to find out what are the advantages of hiring PhD students. 

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Skills of PhD students outside academia

Below are only a few advantages of PhD students that are valuable in a workplace:

  • They are good problem solvers. Actually, one of their main skills is critical thinking. They’ve already spent a lot of time and effort in finding answers to the questions from their thesis. 
  • They are organized and good with deadlines. As we’ve already mentioned, they spent a lot of time preparing for different conferences, workshops and, in the end, for the final thesis. Researching requires a lot of discipline and meeting deadlines is a key component - if they do not send an article in time, it will definitely be rejected. Therefore, they will be good at organizing their own tasks at the workplace. 
  • They know how to work under pressure. The life of a PhD student is usually very stressful. They work with a lot of uncertainty and have to face rejection when their articles are not approved for publication.
  • They are motivated. The doctoral programme is long (between 3-7 years) and it requires a great deal of internal motivation to keep on going, especially taking into consideration the fact that, inevitably, the students will be confronted with many challenges (related to publishing and so on). 
  • They are open-minded. Most of them have been exposed to international environments, participating in a bunch of international conferences, workshops and working in international teams. Furthermore, they learn how to keep an open mind to criticism.
  • They know how to collaborate. Even though research is a “solo job”, there are many research projects that require long-term collaboration. Most of the PhD students worked along with international researchers and colleagues. 
  • They have public speaking skills. Most of them participated in many conferences and lectures as speakers. Therefore, they know how to address an audience and synthesize their work in a few minutes. 

Having in your team a PhD student can bring extraordinary advantages because they are the future experts in a specific field, hard working and dedicated to their domain. 

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